About Dee-Ann

Dee-Ann LeBlanc 580I’m based in Squamish, BC, Canada. Part of my journey from doing art occasionally, to treating art as my primary profession, was attaining a certificate in Fine Art Techniques from Emily Carr. Due to my eclectic nature, every class I took had me rethinking what my specialty might be. Expect an eclectic mix of projects and a lot of mixed media.

As I find my style, so far I’ve found that my major inspirations are techniques that tap the subconscious to avoid my overthinking nature. One of these is Soufflage, which I use to start a new traditional painting by choosing what I see in the blown ink. I build the rest of the painting from there. Once I have a great picture of the piece, I then enjoy creating different moods by altering the colors.

Another thing I enjoy doing with those pictures is taking small sections of the painting photos and using those pieces to create patterns. After that, I both alter the colors and apply other effects until I have patterns that I’m really happy with. Making color and other effect variations of these is a lot of fun!