Ascension Lord


Since I enjoy working at a subconscious level (at least for parts of my process), I try to be open to anything as I evolve a piece. As I build digital patterns, I see images inside them, and when I tile them I see even more. This piece, “Ascension Lord” was born from the center of my pattern Ascension Convergence. It’s just one of the beings and other forms I see within the image.

Since this piece was created from a physical painting, I keep the hard edges of the spiraled pieces in place as a nod to the original format. You probably won’t see them in the background, but if you look closely you might spot them in the being.

Ascension Lord by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Medium: Acrylic, Digital

Ascension Lord by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

I won’t tell you exactly what I see here, as I’d love to know what you see without my influence. Look closely!

I use two different versions of this particular piece. One is as you see here, and the other has a darker background. The darker background is important when I create small repeating patterns of this being for a particular product design. You can find a wide range of products showcasing my art and patterns in my Society6 shop. Sign up to Society6 using my referral link and you’ll get $10 off a purchase of $40 of more!



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