Honey Blue


Since I enjoy working at a subconscious level (at least for parts of my process), I try to be open to anything as I evolve a piece. As I build digital patterns, I see images inside them, and when I tile them I see even more. This piece, “Honey Blue” was born from a portion of my pattern Winter Vine Starburst. It’s just one of the creatures and other forms I see within the image, but it’s the one I found the most interesting.

Since this piece was created from a physical painting, I keep the hard edges of the spiraled pieces in place as a nod to the original format. However, these edges are not particularly visible in this piece.

Honey Blue by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Medium: Acrylic, Digital

Alchemy by Dee-Ann LeBlanc 1024

While the title suggests that the creatures are bees, I actually prefer to leave it up to interpretation. They could be insects, or lobsters, or space creatures. Or, you could focus on the larger shapes and see them as lacy bands or fancy columns, or a stack of amphora.

The background of this piece is Winter Vine Starburst (or, really, Angelic Dreams) with its colors shifted. See if you can spot these critters in the background’s shapes.

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