Ring of Angels


This pattern, “Ring of Angels,” was born from my painting Forest Spirit. I detailed the process in my post Creating Patterns but I’ll cover it here as well in a bit more detail. As I like to do with patterns, I started by choosing a small, square portion of the painting, as shown below:

Forest Spirit pattern piece watermarked

From there, I created a spiral:

Ring of Angels initial pattern by Dee-Ann LeBlanc 200px

And from there, I played with the colors until I came to this:

Ring of Angels by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Medium: Acrylic, Digital Alteration

Ring of Angels by Dee-Ann LeBlanc 600px

Since this piece was created from a physical painting, I keep the hard edges of the spiraled pieces in place as a nod to the original format. So far this is my favorite pattern! As I stared at it, I kept seeing angels or birds, and decided that it was the angels I saw the strongest. Hence the name “Ring of Angels.” What do you see?

This is also the first pattern that I extended into a tiled version, which I call Angelic Dreams. I’ve also created color variations for this pattern: Spiral Snowflake, Winter Vines, and Sunset Dance.

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