The Big Picture

I came across an awesome and somewhat local idea called The Big Picture. The general idea of the project was to collect square black and white drawings and arranged them so they each occupied part of a grid of a larger image. (In this case, the image is a banner from a photo of a forest in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.) The individual submissions are small enough that giving each a background color for that section of the photo allowed The Big Picture to be both a photo of a forest and a collection of individual images, all at once.

But this project didn’t just involve a drawing. The drawing needed to be a moment of your own life’s story, submitted along with a short explanation of what this moment was and where it featured in your life. In addition, everyone submitting had to share their own connection to Vancouver, whether they lived there or had visited or simply wanted to visit someday.

A friend had given me his old drawing tablet a while back. I had it all set up, but had been focusing on painting, so hadn’t used it yet. This project seemed like a great reason to pull out the tablet and draw on there. Of course, doing so meant a bit of humility since it takes a while to get used to drawing on a tablet with the reduced physical feedback (compared to drawing on paper). You can find my submission here. If you feel like it, take some time to look around in The Big Picture and see some of the others as well!

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