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Creating Patterns

I’ve always been someone who straddled multiple worlds. This tendency continues into my art. Once I get a solid photo of one of my traditional media paintings it’s fun to make digital variations, and to play with little pieces of them to make digital patterns. For an example, I’ll use my Forest Spirit and Variants piece:

Forest Spirit by Dee-Ann LeBlanc 200px
Forest Spirit by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

I first choose an interesting section of the painting, like this one:

Forest Spirit pattern piece watermarked

I may play with making it a seamless pattern, like this:

Experimental pattern tile Forest Spirit watermarked

Or I may start expanding it into a larger pattern, playing with it in a variety of ways, and build out from there. When I do spirals (example shown below), I’m starting with a square sample. I decided to minimize the edges but otherwise keep the squares intact, like a spiral made of overlapping cards, in a nod toward the origin of the initial pattern piece.

Ring of Angels by Dee-Ann LeBlanc small

Color shifts and so on can also be a big part of the process. Here’s the first that I was really happy with it, called Ring of Angels. Which colors I choose and what process I go through to get there can drastically change the mood of the same exact pattern.

From there, depending on the pattern, I might also choose to tile it into a separate creation. I enjoy doing this with my spiral patterns as it’s interesting to see how they come together in the process. For an example, here’s Ring of Angels tiled, which I’ve titled Angelic Dreams:

Angelic Dreams by Dee-Ann LeBlanc small

I hope you found this brief glimpse into my process interesting.

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